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HUXON EDGE Advertising

In HUXON EDGE ADVERTIZING, our target is to announce your corporate brand, goods and services so loud everybody wants to ask "who are these people are?" get you all the attention you need to steal the competition. We want your brand to become the trend and the reference point in your field.


We always ensure that everything from your company fully depicts your corporate brand well enough to leave an indeliable print in your clients & prospective clients mind. Your adverts can run on everything indoor, the dividing glass, the stationaries and Souvenirs, the walls, furnitures etc, on all indoor prints.


We deliver world class outdoor adverts that are sophisticated, enticing and absolutely impressive while we keep it simple, informative, cool and never crowded. From Billboards, to banners, Fliers, radio gingles, television adverts, everything that announce your corporate brand to people outside.


Advertizing on the internet cannot be treated lightly in today's world because it is presently where millions of young people spend over 60% of their daily time. We can spread your advert across millions of websites and on all social network pages. We can design E-Banners and send it to your target groups via email.



Our Values are founded on love, we are very pasionate about our clients and we are committed to their corporate success. We serve passionately with very deep respect for each person we have the oppourtunity to serve and we are focused on building a long term corporate relationship with each client. We are mostly fulfilled when each client is happy.


In HUXON EDGE, we are a world class team trained to deliver Hardcore services with a deep sense of professionalism and excellence. We are result oriented and each person is professionally trained to deliver services of premium quality. For us every oppourtunity to serve is another oppourtunity to improve the trend and keep up with the world's standards.


    To most people we are unbelieveable fast. We drive hard to deliver within the stipulted time for every job and our rate of service delivery has never ceased to impress our clients. Everyone of us is trained to understand that if we are going to do it then we have to do it well, start immediately and finish right on time. We fully understand that no excuse is good enough to keep a client waiting.


    We do not compromise standards and we do not cut coners. What we actually sell in general terms is high quality services and that is what has kept clients with us for years. We work hard round the clock to ensure we keep our promises of high quality and timely delivery.